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About Us

The Hawaiʻi Executive Collaborative is rooted in Hawaiʻi’s Soul and is comprised of a group of leaders committed to a collective effort to make our islands a better place

Hawaiʻi Executive Collaborative is guided by these Hawaiian phrases and proverbs

Aloha au i Aloha

I love Hawai‘i

Auamo au i ke kuleana no ko Hawai‘i ke ala mua

I am responsible for Hawai‘i’s future

‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia

No task is too big when done together by all

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Hawaiʻi Executive


The Hawaiʻi Executive Collaborative is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is comprised of a group of leaders from all sectors committed to driving collective action to address our community’s toughest challenges.

The Collaborative is deeply rooted in Hawaiʻi’s Soul and the belief that Hawaiʻi’s unique culture and values, built on the foundation of aloha, is essential in cultivating leadership that dedicates itself to the care and nurturing of Hawaiʻi’s land and people, and that these assets can also be shared to benefit the world.

The Collaborative

The Collaborative is comprised of two main groups:

CHANGE Initiative

The CHANGE Initiatives are comprised of leaders who have committed to taking action for the benefit of Hawaiʻi. Through the CHANGE committees that utilize the CHANGE framework created by the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, leaders collaborate and create shared goals that are informed by a common set of data to solve our state’s most pressing issues.

Hawai‘i Executive Conference

The annual Hawaiʻi Executive Conference, an over 50-year-old conference that brings together CEOs, thought leaders, and decision makers who have the will to act in partnership to solve Hawaiʻi’s most pressing issues.

The Collaborative is made up of three board members and the following staff:


Duane Kurisu

Chairman of the Collaborative and founder of aio Group

Micah Kane

CEO & President of Hawaiʻi Community Foundation

John Dean

Chairman Emeritus of Central Pacific Financial Corp.

Ray Vara

CEO  of Hawaiʻi Pacific Health


Lynelle Marble

Executive Director

Glenn Miyataki

Executive Advisor

The Collaborative also partners with independent contractors and consultants to lead projects based on areas of expertise and CHANGE Initiative work.