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CHANGE Initiatives

Created from a commitment by leaders to work collectively to solve Hawaiʻi’s greatest issues

HCF Change Initiative

Hawaiʻi Executive Collaborative

CHANGE Initiatives

At the 2018 Hawaiʻi Executive Conference, leaders adopted the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation’s CHANGE framework by creating committees under each CHANGE sector and driving collective action based on a common data set to address Hawaiʻi’s greatest challenges. In addition to CHANGE initiatives led by each committee, in 2020, co-chairs committed to working together and focusing on three goals:

  1. Engaging the business sector to help Hawaiʻi achieve a complete count for Census 2020
  2. Collaborating to ensure that every 3- and 4-year-old has access to affordable early learning opportunities by 2030
  3. Creating systems to increase housing affordability

Community & Economy

Partnering to create a Hawaiʻi where families have the opportunity to live successful, flourishing lives

Health & Wellness

Collaborating to address the cost and quality of care for Hawaiʻi residents

Arts & Culture

Committed to preserving, perpetuating, and investing in Hawaiʻi’s Soul that’s rooted in our Native Hawaiian culture

Natural Environment

Combining efforts to invest in protecting and preserving our natural resources to keep Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi

Government & Civics

Working together to position Hawaiʻi as a model for local and global civic responsibility and collaborative policy development


Collaborating to prepare Hawaiʻi’s children to become responsible, contributing adults