ⓘ Our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Building a Resilient Economy in Hawai‘i

The crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic challenges demand a response from leaders from all sectors across the state of Hawai‘i. While the challenges being faced are significant, leaders across our islands are being presented with the opportunity to transform the lives of residents who are working to gain a foothold in our state’s economy while also creating a climate in which the economy can thrive and grow.

Organizations have come together to help us better understand where we can take collective action to build a more resilient economy and state.

Just Released

Analysis of Hawaii’s IT Workforce Needs

Technology was identified in the Talent Roadmap to Support Economic Recovery as a priority sector for talent development to build a resilient economy. This report aims to understand Hawaii companies information technology (IT) needs and how Hawai‘i meets those needs. It looks at IT workforce supply and demand, fastest growing IT occupations, and skills and credentials that Hawaii employers seek. Using employer insights, the report also identifies workforce development recommendations that can best position our state to capitalize on the opportunities in this growing sector.

Talent Roadmap

From Today to Tomorrow: A Talent Roadmap to Support Economic Recovery
The Talent Roadmap provides three strategic opportunities for the state and leaders to take action to build a skilled workforce in recession resilient industries. It also lays out ways to help more local residents rapidly prepare for and obtain careers that lead to economic advancement.