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By collaborating and sharing technology solutions,
we can create a thriving Hawai‘i.

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TRUE—an initiative launched by the Hawaii Executive Collaborative—aims to tech-enable local businesses. Through public and private collaborative efforts and the sharing of resources and solutions, TRUE creates a pathway for businesses to accelerate their adoption of technology. As a result, local organizations succeed, Hawaii’s economy becomes more diversified and sustainable, and Hawaii becomes a place where all residents can thrive.

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Use Cases

Community Innovation Mentorship Program

Internship Model that nurtures our future generation of problem solvers and leaders

Corporations give back by mentoring students in developing real-life solutions that positively impact our community

AI for Call Centers

Reduce customer service costs

Improve other customer service channels

Decrease customer wait times

Adaptation Electronic Forms & Records

Potential to streamline and digitize processes

Allow people to avoid mailing to submit forms

Allow state leadership access to data to make informed decisions

Blockchain for Vehicle Travel Management

No risk of losing documents necessary to prove ownership

Clear record of ownership

Prevention of title theft

Cloud-based Solutions for Travel Approval

Reduce steps in cumbersome multi-level approval processes

Save time with pre-filled traveler details

Automate approvals for more efficient workflow

Cloud-based Solutions for Field Service Management

Easily track employee activities and equipment

Reduce costs and boost efficiency

Access customer data, manage orders, and plan routes

Infrastructure: Repository of Foundational Solutions

Business continuity and easy disaster recovery

Cost savings for IT, infrastructure and hardware

Increase efficiency

Data Mining to Identify Target Japanese Customers

State can refine marketing efforts in Japan

Hawai‘i businesses can target these visitors as customers

AI for HR Recruitment

Reduce time to hire

Increase productivity for recruiters

Deliver enhanced candidate experience that is seamless, simple, and intuitive.

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