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Organizations are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate tedious, repetitive tasks and rules-based processes. Time saved through RPA can enable businesses to devote more time to serving customers or other higher-value work. The data gathered through RPA can also be leveraged for valuable insights.

This webinar features DataHouse and Pharmacare Hawaii who will highlight the power of robotic process automation (RPA) through their journey to implement the technology. DataHouse will provide an introduction to RPA and share common use cases and their solution delivery model to arm you in taking the next step. Pharmacare will discuss why they considered RPA in their pharmacy business as well as lessons learned, ROI, and future plans.

Sharing their journey are Francis Imada, Project Manager at Pharmacare Hawaii and Clyde Shiigi, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer at DataHouse.


  • RPA Overview (at 5:00)
  • Pharmacare Overview (at 25:44)
  • Pharmacare RPA Project (at 35:28)
  • Challenges (at 40:31)
  • ROI (at 43:36)
  • Q&A (at 51:56)



Francis (Franco) Imada

Francis started off his career in public accounting with the firms Ernst & Young and Deloitte & Touche. Over the next twenty years he gained experience in financial analysis, financial planning, income tax planning, mergers & acquisitions, cash management and internal/external financial reporting.

In 1990’s, he became Chief Financial Officer for Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii (CLH) to assist with the growth of the business, acquisition of labs in Guam, Saipan, Singapore and Denver, Colorado, and sale of CLH labs to large publicly owned companies in early 2000’s. In 2018 he retired from CLH and is currently working, as a project manager for Pharmacare Hawaii. 25 years in healthcare with CLH and Pharmacare has broadened his experience into strategic planning, developing operating business plans, negotiating major customer contracts and leading revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives.

Clyde Shiigi

Clyde’s entire career has been in information technology, starting as a college intern in 1980. Throughout his 41 year career at DataHouse, Clyde worked in all aspects of the information technology including software development, project management, management consulting, and executive leadership positions as Chief Technology Officer and President/CEO.

Throughout his career, Clyde has worked with numerous government agencies and commercial businesses in Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland, and Japan and helped to expand DataHouse’s business in healthcare, government, education, and banking. In his current role as Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer, Clyde works with DataHouse consultants, customers, and partners to plan and deliver value to stakeholders through innovative approaches and solutions.