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Forbes named Jeff Smith one of the most experienced chief information officers in the world. “He led the technology functions of Ingersoll Rand, Allied Signal, Telstra, and IBM. At Suncorp, he rose above the role, beginning his tenure there as CIO, rising to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Suncorp Business Services.” (Forbes)

He’s executed a significant transformation in his current role as Chief Operating Officer of World Fuel Services, a $40 billion company that provides ground transportation fuel products and services around the world.

In this TRUE Webinar, Jeff shares how he:

– Transformed an old school energy management company to having all operations digital and cloud based in two years.

– Addressed the four “hills” in this journey: Cloud, Digital Ops, Talent/Leadership and Culture

– Kept operational expenses flat while improving resilience and productivity

– Self funded the transformation



Some additional information on Jeff Smith:


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