AI for Call Center

Increased call volume, a high number of repeat questions and focus on customer service drove Central Pacific Bank (CPB) to evaluate different options to make their help desk and call center operations more effective and efficient.  The pandemic and dispersed workforce increased the urgency for an immediate cloud-based solution.  

Learn how CPB went to the cloud with Amazon Connect and how they rolled out three remote help desks in the past few months.  Listen to Adrienne Chee, Division Head and SVP of Information Technology at CPB, share the results of the digital transformation, findings and roadmap going forward and how CPB has accelerated innovation during the pandemic due to changing needs. 


Adrienne Chee

Adrienne Chee

Chief Information Officer

Central Pacific Bank

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Customer Experience Manager

Aspen Technology Group, Inc.

Scott Fujieda

Scott Fujieda

Vice President


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