Tableau Workshop: What’s Your Data Saying?

Data is an asset – what is it telling you?  Data can empower you to better decision making, see trends and expose issues.  Whether you use Excel, Tableau, Qlik or another tool doesn’t matter – what matters is that you are seeing how your organization can benefit from the knowledge and insights data provides.

This workshop provided basic hands-on exposure to Tableau Desktop and its visualization-building and dashboard features. It is appropriate for those who are new to Tableau or anyone who wants to understand how Tableau can help them in their jobs. As with all of Tableau’s free workshops, it is not formal training, but it is a great way to get exposure to the breadth and power of Tableau. This in-person workshop will take approximately 2 hours, including time for Q&A.

Technical requirements for attendees:

  1. Attendees should have Tableau Desktop installed, activated and registered, preferably the latest version, 2020.x. For a free 14-day trial, go to
  2. Attendees need to download the XLSX and CSV files provided in the invitation to their desktops or laptops


Brian Hervey

Brian Hervey

Account Executive

Tableau Software

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