Success story: AI for Call Center

AI for Call Centers

Central Pacific Bank uses AI to improve customer experience and call center operations

The Problem

Central Pacific Bank (CPB) had a call center that customers turn to for answers about their banking needs, each unique. Their outdated system had many challenges, including:

    • Staffing instability and high turnover
    • Lack of customer satisfaction metrics
    • The inability to keep up with increasing customer expectations and call volumes
    • Lack of IT platform integration that required agents to access multiple systems to resolve an issue
    • Sales goals couldn’t be prioritized due to the significant effort being placed on servicing all customers at all times
    • Additionally, the pandemic challenged CPB to address the growing needs with a remote and dispersed workforce.

The Solution

In order for CPB to serve their customers in a more efficient and intuitive way, they implemented Amazon Connect and leveraged the following features:

    • Cloud/hosted solution
    • No contract commitments required
    • Ease and speed at which it could be deployed
    • AI, robotics, and machine learning capable
    • Supported the bank’s virtual and remote infrastructure
    • Supported their omni-channel strategy

The Result

A test instance was brought up in two days with a working number, Polly AI TTS, and call recording capabilities. By implementing AI, CPB has curated an experience for its customers that is quick, intuitive, and personable.

    • Increase in usability and problem resolution via self-serving knowledge base
    • Ongoing access to metrics and reporting
    • Flexibility in enabling their agents to work from anywhere in a secure way
    • The ability to leverage sentiment analytics data to identify coaching opportunities
    • Data and intelligence that allowed CPB to redirect resources to process improvement


increase in customer satisfaction


decrease in customer wait times


decrease in call volume as a result of system handling initial calls


increase in agent satisfaction

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