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By collaborating and sharing technology solutions,
we can create a thriving Hawai’i.

TRUE is an initiative of the Hawaii Executive Collaborative, supporting the CHANGE Framework and Movement.

TRUE aims to tech-enable organizations through collaboration and sharing of solutions.  This will create jobs and opportunities with higher wage-earning capacity through increased use of innovation and technology.

TRUE drives practical adoption of technology – we all face common business challenges; let’s solve these with technology and innovation, and share our solutions with each other so we can all benefit.   We can achieve more by fostering a public, private and community collaboration to create a future in which all of Hawaii’s residents can thrive.

Technology and innovation can be an enabler to increase productivity and efficiencies, and with more opportunities, we can begin to reverse the brain-drain from Hawaii.

Through a public and private collaborative effort, limited information technology resources and investments can be shared and leveraged across sectors and industries. We can also continue to develop our workforce and benefit and support local university curriculums, exposing students to credited, paid internships and real-world experience.

We are based in the Entrepreneur’s Sandbox, where Hawaii’s public and private sector converge on common pain points and, together, pilot different technologies to develop real-life solutions.

Many organizations in Hawaii, with a few exceptions, are slow to adapt new technologies. Tech-enabled jobs earn over 50% more than a non-tech-enabled job.

Upcoming Events

IBM Watson

Technology: IBM Watson

Learn how IBM Watson’s AI solution can automate processes and provide efficiencies in a myriad of operational needs..

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NEC Facial Recognition

Technology: Facial Recognition

Consider applications for facial recognition in security, improved customer service, improve processing time or data analytics.  NEC will demo their facial recognition technology, which is already in use in Atlanta airports for immigration.. 

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Gartner – Infrastructure and Operations, Cloud strategies

Technology: Cloud Solutions

Get the Latest Insights about IT Infrastructure and Operations from IT Leaders.  See how to accelerate innovation and agility in a hybrid environment by creating a successful IT Infrastructure and operations strategy, one that will enable your organization’s digital future.. 

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Cyber Security

Technology: Security

Learn how to protect your organization from cyber security risks.. 

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AWS re:Invent

Technology: AWS

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services for the global cloud computing community.. 

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Island Innovation Demo Day

This event bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners from both Japan and Hawaii, enthusiastic about developing sustainability solutions. The selected startups that applied through the public application will have an opportunity to pitch in front of Japanese investors..

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CRM Fireside Chat

Deena Tearney, Melissa Ah Ho-Mauga

Technology: Salesforce, Field Service Lightning

Learn about the importance of putting your Customers at the center of your business. St. Francis is undergoing a very interesting business and digital transformation using Salesforce to change the way they manage their operations. Their VP of Client Services will share their vision, Salesforce journey, and lesson’s learned along the way.


AI for HR

Technology: Google Suite, LinkedIn, HireVue

How Tech and Innovation have impacted the HR space.  See how companies have adapted to more effectively meet their HR needs.

Hiring & Managing Remote Resources.
Lori Teranishi: Founder & Principal, iQ 360.

LinkedIn Success Story.
Todd Nacapuy: CIO, HEMIC.

AI for HR Recruiting.
Eric Heenan: President, Alakaʻi Executive Search.

Community Mentorship for Innovation

Technology: Internship

See how Data House is partnering with Transform Hawaii Government and University of Hawaii to solve real world problems to help make Hawaii a better place, while preparing our next generation with the skills and experiences to launch them into their careers in technology..

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AI for Call Center: Amazon Connect Bootcamp

Technology: AWS

Provides a thorough understanding of core concepts related to the provisioning, configuration, and management of Amazon Connect. This hands-on lab empowers you to use Amazon Connect to deliver a specific service or as a platform to build a complete contact center solution.

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Use Cases

AI for Call Centers

  • Reduce customer service costs
  • Improve other customer service channels
  • Decrease customer wait times

AI for HR Recruitment

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Increase productivity for recruiters
  • Deliver enhanced candidate experience that is seamless, simple, and intuitive.

Blockchain for Vehicle Travel Management

  • No risk of losing documents necessary to prove ownership
  • Clear record of ownership
  • Prevention of title theft

Adaptation Electronic Forms & Records

  • Potential to streamline and digitize processes
  • Allow people to avoid mailing to submit forms
  • Allow state leadership access to data to make informed decisions

Utilization of Credit Card Transaction Data

  • Large and small businesses can access information
  • Businesses can use information to refine marketing efforts and product mix

Cloud-based Solutions for Travel Approval

  • Reduce steps in cumbersome multi-level approval processes
  • Save time with pre-filled traveler details
  • Automate approvals for more efficient workflow

Cloud-based Solutions for Field Service Management

  • Easily track employee activities and equipment
  • Reduce costs and boost efficiency
  • Access customer data, manage orders, and plan routes

Utilization of GPS Data

  • Can monitor locations heavily used by residents and visitors
  • Understand which locations are most impacted can aid in planning for visitation mitigation efforts

Infrastructure: Repository of Foundational Solutions

  • Business continuity and easy disaster recovery
  • Cost savings for IT, infrastructure and hardware
  • Increase efficiency

Data Mining to Identify Target Japanese Customers

  • State can refine marketing efforts in Japan
  • Hawaii businesses can target these visitors as customers

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